Asphalt Advice

It’s the time of year again and Dave Trudel, owner of DCT Paving & Concrete LTD, has tips for everyone who may be looking to pave their Driveway this season.

1. Get estimates, make sure the companies are reputable and have belonged to the Better Business Bureau for at least 3 years and have a good status. Also, check the Registry of Joint Stocks.

2. Explain what exactly you require and expect for your new driveway. Length multiplied by width equals square footage and that is how your driveway will be estimated. In addition, there may be extra cost if preparation or excavation is required to create a good solid base for the asphalt. Make sure you get a written quote explaining what exactly you will be having done.

3. Cheaper or discounts are (not always better), and usually not the industry standard. Plus, never give deposits especially if you do not know the company or individual giving the quote. "Why give money to strangers."

4. Industry standard for an asphalt driveway’s thickness is 2" to 2 1/2” after compaction. ln saying this some less reputable companies put less asphalt down, less gravel, and do less preparation for the base in order to give you a cheaper price or discount in order to get the job. However, if you have problems with weeds growing through or damages incurring, you may find that the cheaper or less reputable companies have gone out of business, changed their phone number etc. So remember, your warranty is only as good as the company you hire and their reputation and status with the Better Business Bureau.

5. Most new driveways are done in order to correct a problem or to add curb appeal, to protect your investment in your home, plus add value to your property so make sure your investment is in the right hands of a reputable company. That is what you get when you hire our company DCT Paving & Concrete LTD., with over 15 years’ experience in the industry and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes) says beware of door-to-door sales people offering deals (like "50% off", "cash jobs", or "sign up now")! Ask for a company business card and inform them that you will call for an estimate after you check BBB and the Registry of Joint Stocks.

Reputation+Integrity+Honesty are worth it, because a good job will cost money when it's done right.

Call DCT Paving for an estimate. Choose DCT Paving for all of your asphalt paving and concrete needs!

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