Good old fashion concrete!

It's hard to beat the durability of this product provided it doesn't crack within the first year.

Cracking is more of a problem in the northern climates because frost is always inevitable. Frosts heaves are one of the major causes of surface cracks in all driveway products.

All concrete installations need joint expansions which control where the cracking will take place. Re-bar or wire mess is also helpful to increase it's strength and decrease the chances of cracking.

DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia

For an additional cost, a color additive can be applied to make a more appealing driveway, ask your concrete professional! Concrete also can have a multitude of finishes and dressed with stone (aggregates) or slate toppings.

Be careful not to make the finish real smooth or it will become slippery when wet! On the downside, concrete can be difficult to keep clean and stains can be difficult to remove.

Durability: 30-50 year life expectancy

Price range: $4. sq/ft. - $8. sq/ft. Plain concrete installed

Price range: $6. sq/ft. - $25. sq/ft. Colored Concrete or w/ Aggregate

Maintenance: Wash and seal every 2 years

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