Driveway Installations

One thing that every great driveway has is a good Solid Base!

DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia

If your Driveway has all of the above, the chances are good that no matter what you put on top of it, as a finished product, you will enjoy for many years!

Another factor of a "good solid base", of course, is the earth in which you are going to "pave over".

For example: here are some Negative Terrains:

DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia

In every type of driveway, highway, walkway, patio, building, tennis court, basketball court, etc...that exists today it is only as good as the foundation on which it was built!

A well compacted gravel base, is the most important part of every foundation, and needs to be installed in every one of the driveways listed below:

How Much Gravel?

Depends on the earth you are paving over, but as a general rule of thumb 4" - 12" of good, solid, compact able gravel.

DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gravel that is sandy, or full of large round stone is not recommended.
Good solid compacted processed, or recycled gravel, is the key to every driveway installation!

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